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How is Concourse Better?

Get out of the Spam folder

How useful is an email contact? We all know high school students aren’t checking their inboxes, so it’s likely your carefully crafted email campaign is sitting, unread, in a student’s inbox, or worse a Spam folder! Concourse connects you directly to a student’s smartphone using our app. Hello push notifications, goodbye Spam folder!

Don't settle for static data

Still emailing the same leads from 6 months ago? Concourse gives you access to new student profiles in real time, every day. Review academics, test scores, study preferences, budget, and more. Students are constantly updating their information to keep their profile up to date.

Leave lead gens behind

Data from lead generators is not validated or verified, and universities often try to compensate quantity for quality. This model has been proven less effective than targeted outreach. Concourse enables you to view full student profiles, where the information is certified by the student’s college counselor. You won’t find this level of authenticity anywhere else.

Our Subscription Service

Gone are the days when universities pay thousands a year for a list of email addresses. Concourse allows you to search certified, quality data updated in real time. For far less than the cost of a recruitment trip, Concourse connects you with thousands of students from dozens of countries all over the world, all at the click of a button. 

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