This is the future
student recruitment.

This is the future of student recruitment.

Diversify and globalize your campus

Our unique online platform enables you to find and attract hard-to-reach populations of students by offering them streamlined admission.


Diversify your campus by attracting and enrolling excellent students that might not have considered your institution.

Explore new markets and broaden your reach efficiently without excessive travel costs
Build and strengthen relationships with high school counselors and their students
Target your enrollments to particular regions or programs

Help foster an admissions ecosystem that’s more student-centric and equitable

How does it work?

How Concourse works - for Universities

Why are counselors inviting their students to Concourse?

Counselors love the Concourse platform because it helps them find higher education opportunities for their students while keeping them in control of the process. Counselors can invite students, answer questions from admissions officers, and review admissions offers with students and their families.

It’s a positive, empowering process for students – on Concourse there are no rejections. Students are notified when they receive admission offers. Counselors are giving the Concourse platform rave reviews, and increasingly, integrating Concourse into their college preparation curriculum.

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Our US Domestic and International Recruitment Programs

Greenlight Match: Recruit students within the USA

Lengthy applications and complex supplemental requirements keep many students from attending college. With Greenlight Match, you can reach and enroll students across the US through a unique admissions system that reduces barriers and eliminates rejection
from the admission process.

Our innovative technology, recognized by Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Award, intelligently matches you with students based on your unique admissions criteria, ensuring a seamless and efficient selection process.

Participating in Greenlight Match can help you build partnerships with key players in EAB’s ecosystem, including an expansive network of college access organizations and high schools. This collaboration empowers your institution to expand its reach and actively contribute to fostering a more inclusive and accessible higher education

Global Match: Recruit international Students from 90+ Countries

Concourse’s Global Match program enables universities to diversify and internationalize their campuses by attracting counselors and students from over 90 countries.

Concourse works closely with the Council of International Schools (CIS) to accelerate the growth of our international community.

Concourse is also a proud member of the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC), and has been a thought leader and speaker on The Future of Admissions at IACAC, CIS (international admissions markets), IC3 (India market), and UES (UK market) conferences.

Participating in Global Match can help you diversify and globalize your campus and attract new populations of students from both mainstream markets (China, India, and Southeast Asia) as well as diverse markets that are impossible to reach via conventional means of recruitment.

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