This is the future
of international
student recruitment.

This is the future
of international
student recruitment.

More enrollments. Less effort.

In today’s volatile international educational market, successful institutions are embracing new ideas to meet enrollment goals.
Gain unprecedented global access and maximize enrollment with Concourse’s innovative, high-tech recruiting platform.

Target only best-fit students that meet your admission requirements


Communicate directly with students and counselors in real-time


Expand your reach into more markets to drive up diversity

Why you need Concourse…

Have travel restrictions grounded your team?

Recruit students safely and efficiently with virtual search and messaging tools.

Start recruiting virtually today

Need access to new global markets?

Broadens your reach to non-traditional, as well as mainstream markets.

Access new student markets

Would you rather be reactive...or proactive?

We bring you students that match your requirements and simplify the admission process.

Find best-fit students now

Need to cut costs while still increasing yield?

Bypass the traditional recruitment funnel to realize dramatically higher yield.

Increase your yield now

What universities are saying…

“Global Clearing has compressed the admissions process to be shorter and more focused, which means we’re far quicker to have more meaningful conversations with students from around the world.”

Andrew Ness
Dean of International
Humber College, Ontario

“I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and I haven’t seen a product like Concourse. It will save you time, it will save you energy and it will make you more efficient and effective in recruiting students.”

Dan Seneker
Director Student Recruitment & Retention
Bishop’s University

Get VIP access to students in over 90 countries

Concourse pulls in a diverse pool of students around the world who have opted-in to receive university offers with their counselor’s consent.

Search detailed student profiles

Including grades, interests, and demographics.

Chat directly to counselors

Get immediate feedback and answers to enable real-time decisioning.

Send highly targeted messages.

Speak directly with students who want to study at your university.

Education Revolution: Concourse Global Clearing

Our revolutionary Global Clearing program delivers universities curated lists of qualified students.
It’s faster, higher yield and will save you money over traditional recruitment channels.

Receive curated lists of qualified students


Build relationships with counselors


Make real admission + scholarship offers


Reduce effort and increase results

Trusted by

And hundreds more!

How Concourse works

Concourse helps you tame the wild bear of recruitment with:

Shared accounts to keep your team on the same page


Powerful search and discover tools


Detailed student profiles with verified academics, test scores, budgets, and interests


Real time messaging with students and counselors

All that’s left for you to do is make admission decisions and watch your enrollments soar

Features & Benefits

Concourse’s full-color spectrum of useful tools and technology help counselors excel, and students succeed:

Multi-faceted Search and Discover

Go beyond the basics and search using more diverse criteria to find students best suited for your institution.


Clear, Reliable Communications

Chat with students and counselors and simplify sharing accurate information among your team members.


Concourse Global Clearing

Receive curated lists of student profiles and make offers of admission through our unique Global Clearing program.  Maximize yield and dramatically cut costs.


Concourse Connect

Students at Concourse education fairs share their profiles with the touch of a button. You can start a chat or download student information as a spreadsheet.


Secure Document Receiving

Receive official documents from students directly via Concourse to ensure ultimate confidentiality.


Quality Data You Can Trust

Concourse verifies student profiles to ensure only high quality students are available for you to search and connect with.

Want to learn more?

Email us at info@concourse.global or fill out the form below, and we’ll schedule a call or demo with you.