Get your students admission offers and scholarships from universities around the world.
No application required.

Get your students admission offers and scholarships from universities around the world.
No applications required.

Why you need Concourse…

Student safety concerns?

Reconsidering your students’ planned university study destinations?

Find opportunities in other countries…

Barriers to standardized testing?

Do your students need test-optional university admission offers in a hurry?

Find them…

Looking for scholarships?

Are unexpected financial challenges derailing your students’ university plans?

Find lower cost university options…

Seeking better university placements?

As students change their plans, seats are opening up at top universities.

Get your students better offers…

What is Concourse?

Concourse delivers university offers and scholarships directly to students and high school counselors with no applications required.

Our revolutionary new Concourse Global Clearing events give your students enhanced access to offers of admission. The process is simple, but the results are extraordinary.

Typically, Concourse Global Clearing students receive 4-5 university offers each, often with scholarship offers.

Education Fairs Made Better & Easier

Our unique Concourse Connect platform enables you to run seamless, technology-enabled university fairs.

You are in control. You decide the format, you organize the meeting venue, and you run the event. We provide an integrated solution for:


Easy registration


Accurate check-in


Enhanced lead capture


Simplified viewbook distribution


Essential real-time reporting


Valuable post-event analytics

What counselors are saying…

“I’m loving this platform. It’s keeping me organized and managing my students / cohort. My first question when my Grade 11s come in is: Did you bring your laptop? Okay, great, now go to Concourse!”

Head of High School Counseling
Western Academy of Beijing, China

“Concourse provides a platform that opens up a dialogue for students and universities in a way that I’ve never seen before. Concourse has changed the game in an interactive and supportive way for students and universities.”

High School Counselor
St Mary’s International School, Tokyo, Japan

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How Concourse works

Concourse streamlines the complex process of student to university matching in three steps:

Step 1


Your students create dynamic profiles that counselors review and certify.

Step 2


Universities discover your students and offer them admission and scholarships. No application to the university required.

Step 3


You work with your students to identify and select the best offers.

Features & Benefits

Concourse’s full-color spectrum of useful tools and technology help counselors excel, and students succeed:

Confidential Student Profile Builder

Your students can share anonymous personal, academic, and financial profiles with universities in a secure environment.


“Universal” Counselor Certification

Verify your student credentials, add your own commentary, and create unique information about your high school just once for multiple universities.


Reliable Offer Management Tools

Receive notifications of admission offers and scholarships as they come in for your students and ensure no offer is lost or overlooked.


Secure Document Sending

Send official documents to universities using Parchment, Concourse’s unassailable communications tool.


Friendly Mobile App for Students

Students feel right at home using Concourse’s easy-to-use mobile app available from Apple, Google Play, and Chinese app stores.


Private Communication Tools

Use Concourse technology’s ‘cone of silence’ to safely monitor and participate in student-university chats while protecting student privacy and safety.


Enhanced Education Fairs

Concourse maximizes the success of your fairs through customizable event registration pages and one touch student profile sharing, so you can gather data and analyze outcomes better than ever before.


Rigorous Privacy Protection and Anti-Spam

We don’t sell student data. Ever. (We promise.) Students’ identities are fully protected using bank- level encryption and anonymized student profiles.


Receive Offers Direct From Universities

Universities find your students. They read their profile, chat with you and your students and make admission offers directly on the Concourse platform. No more applications.

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