Student feedback

“Really, an amazing platform to get connected to the best-fit universities.”

Bishal Sharma, Student from Nepal

“Concourse helped me to get into university. Please utilize this platform. You won’t regret.”

Yuvraj, Student from Nepal

“Concourse Global is the reason I’m attending a university in the States! Highly recommended to all.”

Shashwat Maharjan, Student from Nepal

“Concourse helped me find my university. It is really a great platform. Everyone should try it out.”

Saru, Student from Nepal

“Best platform that helps thousands of students.”

Vision Aryal, Student from Nepal

“Wonderful resource! I hope everyone planning to study abroad makes most out of it.”

Gaurav Pandey, Student from Nepal

“Concourse is what got me into NJIT. NJIT would have never taken me in if I had not have my profile uploaded on Concourse #grateful”

Sudan, Student from Nepal

“I want to thank you for your help and support throughout my university application process – it has clarified a lot of my questions and empowered me to reach my final decision.
I have decided to accept University of Edinburgh’s offer and will start this September.
Thank you again for introducing me to several universities and making the application process more understandable!”

Claire, Student from Beijing

“This platform helped me get into a university to pursue my undergraduate degree. I recommend everyone to fully utilize this golden opportunity.”

Sujata, Student

Counselor feedback

“For all the high school counselors and students, a great platform to clear your confusion, the best online tool to find right fit universities. I am loving using Concourse.”

Pragati in Kathmandu

“We have been using it since August 2018, with our Grade 11s and 12s. Excellent resource. Super supportive team.”

Bela in Macedonia

“These kids would not be where they are without your incredible platform, support, guidance, and resources. Thank you.”

Joan in Singapore

“I’m loving this platform. It’s keeping me organized and managing my students / cohort. My first question when my Grade 11s come in is: Did you bring your laptop? Okay, great, now go to Concourse!”

Michelle in Beijing