Success Stories

Concourse is in a unique position to assist high school counselors and university reps alike.

Find out why students, counselors and universities all love Concourse. Here are their stories:

Under-Applied Student Lost, Then Found

It looked like the end for a Korean student that no school invited to attend…

When a student did not receive any admissions offers after applying to just five schools, a college counselor was scrambling to find alternatives. He had nothing more than Google, BigFuture, and other arcane search tools, and he was running out of time. Concourse’s up-to-the-minute system helped connect the student to six suitable university options at the right academic level that were still accepting applications. The student was admitted to a university in the US and began their higher education on time. Future assured!

Consultants’ Commissions at the Expense of Students’ Education

Unscrupulous agents and consultancy firms steer unsuspecting students to universities that pay them by the head…

A counselor became suspicious when a disproportionate number of students seemed to enroll at the same three obscure universities…and then quickly transfer out. The problem: commission-based agencies and consultants promising access to universities, but with no concern for student needs. Thanks to the hawk-eyed counselor, Concourse was brought in help. Concourse helped the counselor offer accurate and relevant advice to the students, helping them find best-fit opportunities. Without paying for the privilege, students were positioned for success, receiving requests for in-person visits and invitations galore. The best things in life really are free…like Concourse!

Budget Cuts Ground Recruiters & Hobble Colleges

Belt-tightening can leave recruiters scrambling for leads the old-fashioned way while their universities remain under-enrolled…

When a university recruiter’s budget was cut, he said good-bye to face-to-face meetings with prospective students at education fairs, and hello to College Board leads with so little information they were virtually useless. Unfamiliar with the particulars of his targets, the recruiter had no choice but to launch a generic email campaign. By trying to appeal to everyone, he connected with no one. When Concourse was brought in, the recruiter was able to get a complete picture of students’ academic profile, including interests, preferences, and budget. Armed with first-hand knowledge, the recruiter was able to connect with tuition-ready students ideally suited to the university’s admission criteria. Concourse’s technology helps recruiters add the human touch to their outreach in meaningful messaging that students are more likely to reply to. The depth of information makes it possible for the university to interact with and recruit students remotely when financial considerations make travel impractical. Concourse is the next best thing to being there!

Scatter Shot Marketing Threatens New Program Enrollment

When a university launched a new program halfway through the admissions cycle, there was little time for outreach, but a huge need for students…

A new course of study can be a boon for a university, but only if students know about it. Typically, schools turn to services such as HotCourses for leads, but when a university tried that approach recently, recruiters were stunned to receive nothing more than general contact information for students interested in a specific field. There was no indication of whether the students were a best-fit for the school…had the budget for tuition…or were even admissible. When the university signed on with Concourse, they were quickly able to identify a number of students looking for similar programs. The school was then able to target them directly and personally, providing information, answering questions, and offering incentives like application fee waivers. Because the students’ college counselors were also part of the conversations, the outreach grows. Advisors can share the new program information with other 11th and 12th year students who may be interested in attending. Growing enrollment now and for the future is part of the Concourse strategy!

Bogus Documents Overwhelm Diversity-Centric University

In the midst of a global education boom, universities have been inundated with applications whose authenticity is questionable…

A university was eager to diversify its student body, but found itself checkmated by fraudulent applications. The enrollment materials originated in countries where the university had no history of marketing or recruiting, and several were discovered to contain questionable documents. There was a tough call to be made. If the university accepted the questionable credentials just to fill seats, they ran the risk of admitting unqualified students and harming the institution’s reputation. If they rejected the applicants, they might lose much-needed revenue and possibly have to close down programs with insufficient enrollment. When Concourse was added to the process, the university was able to identify specific students who fit their enrollment criteria. Recruiters could then communicate directly with the students’ counselors, and receive applications and documentation directly from a bona fide source with legitimate credentials. Universities get the facts with Concourse!

Missing Transcript Nearly Tanks Application

With the clock ticking down, a counselor scrambles to find and submit paperwork…

When a frantic student discovered she had failed to submit her official transcript with her application, she turned to her college counselor for help. Normally, a counselor would have had to search and crowd-source to find the right admissions officer to contact about sending a past-deadline transcript and ferret out the appropriate way to submit transcripts for that particular university. With Concourse on the scene, the counselor was able to beat the clock, sending the student’s official transcript directly to the university, and completing the application on time. Concourse provides counselors with a system that lets them keep track of deadlines and meet them, even when something goes wrong. With Concourse, time is on your side!

The Last Minute Student Nightmare

A university pulled the rug out of from under the feet of 60 students, leaving them scrambling…

When a US university cancelled more than 60 full-ride scholarships for Nepali students in late April, it looked as though hope were lost. There were very few universities still accepting applications at that time, and most of the significant scholarships and student aid funds were already spoken for. Concourse quickly and efficiently placed the displaced students’ profiles on the radar of excellent universities looking for talented applicants. Lifted out of all-hope-is-gone quicksand, students found themselves on firm ground with amazing opportunities at excellent universities that they otherwise would have never received. Matches made and college careers begun!

Get Clarity on Confusing Foreign Application Processes

With nothing but a website to go by, a student thought she was unqualified for a U.K. education…

An international student was at a distinct disadvantage trying to ‘translate’ confusing admissions requirements at various schools. A lack of confidence (and clarity) about her eligibility kept her from applying for her most-wanted school in the U.K. With the help of Concourse’s easy-to-access records, however, the university was able to view the student’s profile and reach out to her, letting her know she was eligible and invited to apply. Match made in heaven!

Get Help with Difficult Region-Specific Applications

A student studying abroad didn’t know where to turn for Korea-specific admissions advice…

A European-based college counselor lacking region-specific admissions knowledge wanted to research the application process for a good-fit university for a Korean student eager to study in his homeland. The problem: she was running out of time. With Concourse on-board, the student was able to quickly upload his profile. Just as quickly, the counselor received a list of programs that matched the student’s interest and abilities, and also took into account the myriad of residency requirements for students applying to schools in Korea. The student gained a better idea of what was required and the counselor gained new knowledge so she can better assist the rising seniors who are also Korean. Win-win-win!