Students Wanting to “Shelter In Place” Can Now Access New Paths to University Without Losing a Year of Study

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Concourse

Many say that uncertainty is the new normal, but a novel partnership in the educational industry is helping students find peace of mind. NCUK, a respected consortium of leading universities, has forged a partnership with leading technology innovator Concourse Global Enrollment. Concourse’s success-focused software helps identify talented young students well suited to NCUK Study Centres who can begin their higher education and later progress onto excellent universities around the world for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

BROOKLYN, NY, July 9, 2020

Not every high school graduate is prepared to make the leap into the academic rigors of tertiary education and decide on their future path.

Students and families around the world are having their study plans disrupted for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Concerns about health and personal safety due to COVID-19
  • Changing financial situations
  • Problems getting standardized test scores
  • Language proficiency scores
  • Problems obtaining a study visa

NCUK‘s in-country options are an ideal fit for students who want to start their international education journey a little closer to home. All of our students benefit from our 30 years of experience,” says Georgina Jones, Market Development Director for NCUK. “At the same time, Concourse is the perfect platform for students to discover and access new higher education opportunities. We’re delighted to be working together to increase access to the options available from NCUK and help any student who is uncertain about getting to university.”

NCUK Qualification Process & Guaranteed Access

Upon successful completion of high school, students undertake an NCUK qualification. These are designed in collaboration with NCUK university partners and guarantee access to their universities, including well-known UK institutions such as:

  • University of Manchester
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Sheffield

NCUK’s reach isn’t just limited to the UK. Additional opportunities exist at institutions around the globe, including top universities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Concourse Global Clearing Pilot a Huge Success

The ongoing disruption in international education has left both students and universities unsure about how to proceed in a safe and timely fashion. Global Clearing is a new system, powered by Concourse, that connects students to offers from a comprehensive array of global university opportunities. It happens in real time and with no application necessary, helping everyone involved avoid problems related to uncertain travel and other restrictions.

In a collaborative effort, counselors and students work together to develop accurate academic profiles and capture them on Concourse. Next, curated lists of well-matched student profiles are delivered to Global Clearing participating universities for accelerated review. This is critical in 2020 when time is often of the essence due to unforeseen delays and challenges.

Universities participating in the initial pilot were able to make direct offers of admission and scholarship to students directly on the Concourse platform in under a week from start to finish – considerably compressing the standard admission life cycle time.

About Concourse Global Enrollment

Concourse is a technology platform with a mission to create more higher education opportunities for students around the world. Concourse’s unique structure links students, counselors, and universities, and revolutionizes the process of engagement and enrollment. In the few short years since its founding, Concourse has been used to connect tens of thousands of high school students and universities, allowing for more opportunity and exploration than ever before.

About NCUK

The Northern Consortium of the UK (NCUK) is a consortium of leading universities in the UK and other countries, providing university preparation and pathway qualifications for international students. NCUK’s renowned Study Centres enable students to obtain needed qualifications and progress onto NCUK universities. Since 1987, NCUK has placed over 35,000 international students in over 4,000 degree programs at leading universities.

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