Many challenges face International Student Admissions right now…

Travel restrictions are making it difficult or impossible to manage recruitment partners, build relationships with schools, and attend in-market events.
Students are rapidly changing their academic plans. Even students holding offers aren’t sure whether they will pursue them, and many are seeking new options.
Increasingly complex recruitment networks and aggregators are making it difficult to know where applications are coming from, making quality control a challenge.

This has resulted in these three trending solutions to the above challenges:


Virtual recruitment

As travel budgets and ease of movement are not returning to 2019 levels any time soon, rapidly developing expertise in virtual recruitment is becoming essential to university survival.


Active admission

The old apply, wait, accept model is too slow and has too much friction given the competitiveness for a reduced student pool. Universities that can proactively seek out the right students and speed up the admission cycle will come are out on top.


Transparent sourcing

As our industry moves online and accelerates, it’s more important than ever to be able to ensure the accuracy of student data, and maintain a paper trail of where it originated and who touched it.

Concourse set out to reinvent international student recruitment years ago and developed our new Global Clearing system as a response to the pandemic.

Global Clearing is an effective system for virtual international recruitment that’s NOT a lead generator! Through direct links to high schools around the world Concourse delivers phenomenal, diverse international enrollments from over 90 countries without requiring travel.

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