MarketScale Podcast: Do College Admissions Need to be Disrupted?

by | Apr 4, 2021 | Admissions, Concourse

Joe shared our vision, mission and “origin story” with JW Marshall on the Voices of E-Learning podcast for MarketScale this week…

The process of applying to college continues to get more complex, especially for international students. The burden is on the student, requiring time, money, and research. That creates inequities, but the platform Concourse is changing that.

“The university admissions process is too complicated. It’s hard to navigate, and there’s a lot of anxiety. It’s also challenging for university recruiters to get their stories out there. It’s two problems our platform solves. The premise is having universities apply for students, flipping the marketplace,” Morrison explained.

Learn more about how Concourse is addressing inequity and creating access by simplifying university admissions. Check out the video Do College Admissions Need to be Disrupted?