We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring!

About Concourse

We are a tech startup company that is reinventing college admissions in order to create more access to higher education. Our mission is to bring opportunities and scholarships to underserved students by flipping the script on admissions and having colleges come to students.

This is a groundbreaking approach that’s attracting the attention of academic professionals and edtech thought leaders and has already delivered thousands of admission offers and over $100 million in scholarships to college-bound students around the world.

We are aiming high, seeking to change the world by rethinking and reinventing a college admission system that hasn’t evolved in decades, in order to level the playing field and create more opportunities for students.

Working at Concourse

We are a smart, motivated team, experts in our fields, and have achieved a lot in a short time.  We are self-starters, and work without a lot of supervision. We get things done.

Our company culture is humble. It’s a no attitude workplace. We work as a team, and we help each other solve problems. We go above and beyond to support our college clients, counselors, and students. 

We are a remote native company.  Our staff can work from home, or from a tropical island, or pretty much anywhere. We live on Slack and Zoom.  We’re flexible about hours, vacation, and pretty much everything.  As long as everyone is communicating well and getting their work done, we all have a ton of freedom.

Once in a while we meet in person (typically in the New York City area) and we have fun gatherings together. This is a great team!

Current Openings

Currently no openings available.