What does it mean if a student is certified by an education agent?

The Concourse software platform is designed to help counselors, students, and university staff work together and support each other. One of the reasons counselors bring students to Concourse is in order to be discovered by universities and receive information and offers.

In some cases, commercial education agents are the counselors, and bring students onto the Concourse platform with the understanding that if their student is discovered by a university and accepts an offer, the agent will be paid a commission. We allow this in order to ensure that students who choose to work with agents are not disadvantaged.

Here are the guidelines regarding agent-sourced students:

  • Students who have been brought on the platform by agents are clearly designated. University users can easily filter these students out if they do not want to see or engage with them. (Email help@concourse.global if you aren’t sure how to do this.)
  • Universities must sign a commission agreement with Concourse if they want to be able to engage and recruit agent-sourced students.
  • When recruiting an agent-sourced student, any prior commission agreement between the university and the agent takes priority and Concourse does not charge a commission. If there is no prior commission agreement, Concourse charges the commission at the appropriate time, deducts a processing fee, and passes most of the commission onto the sourcing agent. (The amount of the commission depends on the agent that sourced the student, and will be displayed in the platform.)

These guidelines enable us to support all students, regardless of how they come to us. University users have transparency and choice in engaging with students on the Concourse platform, whether the students are sourced by agents, high schools, or other sources, without disadvantage.

If you have questions about any of this, or would like to enter into a commission agreement with Concourse, please write to us at info@concourse.global and we can help or answer any questions you have.