Concourse Global Partners with Amala Education to Make Higher Education Accessible to Refugees

by | Mar 17, 2021 | International Education, Press Release

Concourse Global is excited to announce a partnership with Amala Education (formerly known as Sky School), an organization focused on using transformative education to create opportunities and inspire positive change in the lives of refugees and their communities. 

Based on the belief that refugees – as all people – have a right to quality education, Amala developed the first international high school curriculum for high-achieving refugees in countries like Jordan and Kenya. To date, they have educated more than 380 refugee youth in collaboration with eight partner organizations in six countries. 

Using the Concourse platform, Amala can showcase its amazing students to universities around the world. These young refugees can continue their education and access opportunities based on their unique qualifications and interests. 

Through its new Global Clearing admissions program, launched in May 2020, Concourse delivered impressive results last year: 

  • 2300 admission offers made 
  • $24 million in scholarships offered
  • 97% student satisfaction rate

Amala was founded in 2016, in response to the gap in quality education provision for displaced youth and refugees. Only 23% of refugees around the world have the opportunity to go to high school, and a staggeringly low 1% go to university. Today, their program continues to provide students a unique, high-quality curriculum taught through a hybrid learning model.

Concourse will work with Amala to match students with universities that are right for them. Students are in the driver’s seat, and reputable universities ranging from Arizona State University (US) and Queen’s University (Canada) to University of York (UK) and the University of Auckland (New Zealand) will come to them with offers. Further, students on Concourse are not charged university application fees, and are eligible for scholarships, helping address some of the financial challenges they face as refugees.

Also covered by The PIE News on March 26, 2021.