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Finally, student-centric admissions!

More offers. More scholarships. Less effort.

Students and counselors expend enormous effort researching university programs and navigating convoluted applications.But it doesn’t have to be that way! With Concourse Global Clearing, universities search for students and make proactive offers of admission – all under counselor supervision.
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The results speak for themselves…

Concourse’s new Global Clearing program gets your students real university admission offers with no application. And it works.


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per student


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Global Clearing starts on the 16th of every month. Nominate students before the start of each event to receive admission offers before the end of the month.

Some exceptions will apply due to holidays and schools calendars.

Why Counselors Join Global Clearing

Many students are looking for additional university options and scholarships, especially this year. Through Global Clearing, counselors can quickly secure students multiple admission offers that fit their interests and budget with minimal effort for everyone involved.

Different Location

Do you have students blocked by problems with visas, who want to change their study destination? Global Clearing can connect you to universities around the world.

Turned Down

Do you have students who were denied all of their university choices? Global Clearing can help you find new options for them, even at the last minute.


Are you getting calls from frantic parents who want more backup options? Global Clearing can help your students find excellent alternative university options at any major study destination.

A-List Schools

Are you hoping to get your students into a better university? Global Clearing makes finding those offers easier.

Financial Need

Do you have students with limited financial means? Global Clearing provides international education options for every budget.

Lack of Time

Researching universities, courses and country visa requirements takes time. A lot of time.
Why not let the universities come to you and your students with offers of admission and scholarship?

If you have students who need more options ASAP, you don’t have to go it alone. By participating in Global Clearing, you can get them multiple offers in as little as a single week, with minimal effort.

As a counselor, you can nominate any number of students; just a handful, or all of them. Each student completes a single profile that you can certify with a single click.

Concourse matches your students to universities and sends anonymous profiles to admissions officers for expedited review. Universities then send back admission offers and scholarship information, all under your supervision.

In addition to the support we provide for counselors, high schools gain access to:


Information sessions and exclusive content about universities around the world.


Virtual and real-life education fairs.


Parent workshops.


Valuable content about international study.

Get your students back on track

Sign up for Concourse Global Clearing to get them offers from universities in other countries NOW.

Why Universities Join Global Clearing

The disruption in international education has been sudden and overwhelming, leaving universities scrambling to find students in a safe and timely fashion.

Global Clearing can help you find and attract the right students by making compelling offers of admission and scholarship.

With our help, you can engage:

Best-fit students

Do you have additional seats available that you would like to fill quickly? Global Clearing accelerates your efforts with an extensive list of prospective candidates for matching.

Diverse student body

Is your institution failing to meet diversity objectives? With Global Clearing, you can find and recruit students in regions all around the world without any of the problems associated with travel to high schools during the pandemic.

Participating universities receive a reliable stream of Concourse profiles throughout the year, alerting you to well-matched students actively seeking offers. By making them compelling offers of admission and scholarship at the right moment, universities gain…

A massive student recruitment advantage.

What people are saying about
Concourse Global Clearing

“This was a very exciting and timely opportunity. Research and applications are overwhelming, but Global Clearing – where the students can take charge themselves – I really appreciated it.

Universities are so used to students sending them applications. Global Clearing is flipping that. I want this to become the new normal.”

Misco Mungai
Post School Success Manager
Nova Pioneer Schools, Kenya

“I love the transparency of Concourse Global Clearing. It’s not a waiting game. It’s almost immediate.

What intrigues me the most about Concourse Global Clearing is that universities will listen to the counselor about their students. I love that this is a place where students, university reps, and counselors can have these conversations.”

Phillip Wenturine
College and Academic Counselor
The American School, Vietnam

“We not only engaged with students via Global Clearing but also found ourselves building long term relationships with the participating high schools.

We’re excited to continue participating.”

Shelley Moss
Assistant Director of International Admissions
University of Alabama, USA