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What is Match?

Match, powered by Concourse, is an online platform where universities apply for students. Our revolutionary reverse admissions technology creates more opportunities for students, reduces counselor workload, and helps universities diversify and target their enrollments.

What problem does it solve?

Match enables universities around the world to discover students, assess their situations, and meet them where they are. Where there is a match, universities make admission and scholarship offers with no applications required.

How does it work?

Students take just 30 minutes to create a profile outlining their personal and educational interests and qualifications. Profiles are then certified before universities are presented with anonymized versions of the profiles that match their criteria. From there, universities make real offers of admission and scholarship.

Hang on. That’s it? Students create a profile…and get admission offers?

Yes, that’s it. Students create a single profile and can receive multiple admission offers from well-matched universities with no application required. That said, the more carefully completed the profile is, the more interest a student may receive from institutions. But at the end of the day, that’s it.

What if a school does not have a counselor?

That’s ok. Students can click here to create their free profiles.

If students are anonymous, how will universities know who they have admitted?

When students receive an offer from a university, they have the option to indicate Interested or Not Interested. When students indicate interest in a university, they agree to release their information to the university so that it can be entered into the university’s systems. And if the student does not see a good fit, they click Not Interested and remain anonymous.

Can students be interested in more than one offer?

Absolutely. Indicating interest is not a commitment for a student. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a student saying that they’re interested and asking the university to send them the offer package so they can fully assess it.

Are students required to enroll at a university that admits them?

No. Match is designed to bring students more options, not limit opportunities. While many receive favorable options through Match, students can use Match in addition to completing traditional applications.

Who can use Match?

Any student in their final year of high school/secondary school or in a current gap year is eligible.

When do students need Match?

Students may join Match any time during their final year of high school/secondary school. Many counselors introduce Match early in the academic year to bring students admission offers just as their final year is beginning. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of “getting in,” build confidence, and introduce students to new institutions and programs.

Many students return to Match later in the academic year if their personal, academic, or financial situation changes, or if they are not satisfied with their current admission offers. 

Match is for all students who are actively seeking higher education opportunities.  

How much time will this take?

Match is straightforward and user-friendly. For counselors, getting your students set up on the platform can be done in a single class period (30-45 minutes). In fact, we’ll even run the onboarding session for you. Just invite your students to a virtual session with us, and we’ll do the rest! By the end of the class, most students have created AND completed their profiles. Counselors can certify the profiles in less than a minute.

For universities, Match is very time-effective. Once a month, admissions representatives can expect to receive a list of well-matched candidates and will have 2 weeks to review the list and make offers. For most institutions, time spent on Match comes out to roughly 6-8 hours/month.  

If my university signs up, how many students will I review and will they all be from CIS member schools?

It depends on the search criteria that you provide. Depending on whether you set very specific criteria with regard to academic and language qualifications, regions, budgets, etc. or broad criteria to cast a wide net, you might see anywhere between 10-50 students per month on your admission review list. You can choose to focus your searches on students from CIS member schools or you can broaden your search to include students at any school on the platform. You will always be able to identify students from CIS member schools.

As a student at a CIS member school, will I only receive offers from CIS member universities?

While CIS member universities may choose to focus their searches on CIS member schools as familiar and well-understood partners, you will be eligible to receive admission offers from both CIS member universities and non-CIS members. You will be able to tell if a university that is making you an offer is a CIS member or not.

Where is Match available?

We support students, high schools/secondary schools, and universities around the world.

Are you compliant with data privacy laws?

Yes we are. We protects students from spam by keeping them anonymous in the delivery of our services and comply with all relevant data privacy laws. Students decide if/when to share their information with institutions who have offered them admission. We make use of encryption and digital signatures throughout our platform. Overall, we have the strongest student data protection in the industry.

What if my student gets a UK offer they’d like to pursue, but they’ve already filled up their UCAS spots?

Students who have used all UCAS spots can discuss their specific options with UK universities who make offers to them through Match. The answer may vary depending on the institution, the time of year, and the availability of swapping choices, UCAS Extra and Clearing.


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