Making Admission Offers on Concourse

University admissions officers can review student profiles and issue offers of admission via Concourse. These offers are real commitments from a university based on a student’s credentials as shown in counselor-verified Concourse profiles.

University admissions officers may issue admission decisions as “admitted” or “declined”. An admissions officer may also reach out to a student’s counselor to ask for clarification or more information prior to making a decision. Admitted students are considered qualified for admission based on the credentials communicated in their Concourse profile.

Here are the guidelines regarding admission offers:

  • Universities must sign an agreement with Concourse that commits them to extending offers based on admission decisions issued within Concourse.
  • Universities may place conditions on offers of admission. It is not necessary to add conditions for verification requirements (e.g. official transcripts) or submission of official applications, as Concourse facilitates those. Conditions may include completion of missing requirements (e.g. a specific final grade or language score). Conditions may NOT include requiring additional application documents (e.g. essays).
  • Universities may include details on potential scholarships in their offer.
  • As with any university outreach, Counselors can review initial outreaches before students receive them, and can reject outreaches (along with admission offers) as they see fit.
  • In addition to students sourced by high school counselors, universities may optionally elect to consider students sourced by commissioned agents for admissions review. Such students will be clearly labeled on the Concourse platform. If admissions officers wish to extend offers to any such students, they may reach out to the agents to ask for clarification or more information. If any offers are made and accepted, a commission payment to the agency will typically apply. 

If you have questions about making admissions offers on Concourse, please write to us at