Where you and your future students meet.

Recruiting international students is increasingly challenging for universities. One of the biggest hurdles is finding and connecting with the right students for your programs.

Concourse is a unique solution that connects students and their high school counselors to university programs that fit their individual goals, abilities, and preferences, and allows you to be part of the conversation. High school counselors actively support this, because we allow them to control and monitor your engagement with their students.

The result is a healthy, seamless collaboration between all parties: Universities, high schools, and students.

Tailor your recruitment strategy to reflect your institution

  • Search for and plan recruitment around students that are a fit for your institution.
  • Recruit students from new and unfamiliar territories with confidence.
  • Increase yield by engaging with well matched students and targeted messaging.
  • Improve attendance and engagement at in-person events.
  • Gain insight into how your institution is performing in comparison to peers.

Identify where your programs resonate around the world.

Focus your recruitment where there is proven interest in your type of institution.

Receive real-time updates on qualified new students as they are added to the platform. New students join Concourse daily.

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