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A Community Resource for University Counselors to Help Students Research, Plan, and Prepare or Higher Education.

The Common College Counseling Curriculum (C4 for short) is a resource that Concourse Global is making available for free to the education community, to serve as a default curriculum for university counselors who don’t otherwise have access to one.

This Wiki contains information on the following higher education study destinations:

These pages will provide you with a timeline of important information, and recommended activities for final year students to complete during that time period. There will be country specific resources provided, but we have also compiled General Resources that can be used by counselors and students regardless of the final study destination.

Online Applications

Additional Resources

  • You can also find a timeline for your Year 11 students, or any student in the year before they begin the application process. This timeline is not country focused, but rather has some recommended activities to help kick off the university search for your students.

About the C4

We created the C4 because we felt there was a need for tools and resources for the many under-resourced counselors around the world. We are providing the C4 under flexible and open terms of use.

We encourage you to contribute and help us continually improve this Wiki. It's as simple as creating a login and clicking the Edit button. Your knowledge will make it more useful to the entire community. Any changes you provide will inherit the same copyright and licensing terms. This guarantees that it will always be available to the entire community for free, for any purpose. We've created this brief tutorial that will show you exactly how to edit and contribute to this Wiki.

If you have questions or would like to contribute, please write us at We would be able to create a login for you allowing you to edit or add to the C4!

To view the list of contributors who have collaborated on the C4, click here.

About Us

Concourse Global is a software company with the mission to help students around the world achieve their highest potential through higher education. Our easy-to-use software helps counselors and students stay organized, find best matched university program options, connect and chat with universities in a zero-spam online environment, and manage and send application documents. If you're a high school counselor or an independent education counselor, you are welcome to sign up for an account. If you're a university, Concourse can help you connect with students that are a perfect fit for your institution academically, personally, and financially. You can visit our web site to learn more.